early & enabling works



The early and enabling works stage included three important phases of work to prepare the site for the construction of the new Hospital.

1. Non Clinical SERVICES Building, temporary PAediatric Unit and demolition 

Finalise design and Planning Approval: Early 2020
Tender Award: Mid 2020
Construction: Late 2020 - Early 2022 - COMPLETE
These works will further clear the future Hospital site and ensure continued health service operation during the main construction works. Key milestones include:

  • A new Non Clinical Services Building with capacity to service the new hospital building. 
  • Relocation of the Paediatric Unit to free up the site for the future hospital and maintain this service with a close relationship to the maternity unit. 
  • Demolition of redundant buildings which sit within the future redevelopment zone, making the site ready for the new hospital.
  • Temporary carpark
  • Contractor - Hutchinson Builders
Frequently Asked Questions - Non Clinical Services Building (April 2021)
Frequently Asked Questions - Temporary Paediatric Unit (April 2021)

Inside the new Non Clinical Services Building and Temporary Paediatric Unit


Non Clinical Services Building - construction completion


2. Ambulatory Care Hub, extension to Critical Care and Inpatient Units

Construction complete: 2020

  • The Ambulatory Care Hub which features:
    • Increased treatment spaces
    • Hospital in the Home
    • Comfortable and modern therapy and consulting rooms
    • An ambulatory rehabilitation gymnasium.
  • An expanded building footprint to the Medical Services Building was constructed to incorporate additional support areas and storage in the Critical Care Unit and Perioperative areas.
  • Expansions to improve the functionality of the Medical and Surgical floors in the Inpatient Unit (IPU) to the south of the building, including for an inpatient rehabilitation gymnasium.
  • Contractor - Project coordination Australia

Ambulatory Care Hub - construction completion

3. Temporary Renal Unit

Construction complete: October 2018
The temporary renal unit features:

  • An increase from 6 to 10 chairs
  • Two additional training chairs
  • Contemporary health service model
  • Views to landscaped areas and additional public art

Early and enabling works - look ahead


State Significant Development Application

View the approved SSDA for the Griffith Base Hospital Redevelopment